Does Sasquatch exist? And if so, does he live in the woods and fields surrounding Hickory Knolls Discovery Center?

One never knows. But one could have a chance to find out during the annual "Gone Squatchin'" search taking place on Saturday, October 14 from 5:30 to 7 PM.

The elusive legend may, indeed, roam the Discovery Center's grounds and participants in the "Gone Squatchin'" event will look for clues as to its whereabouts. Could that shredded plant be the remnant of a meal? Is that mass of leaves really a Bigfoot Bed?

Participating "Squatch Hunters" will be free to wander the nearly 60 acres of potential Sasquatch habitat, with help from dedicated Hickory Knolls "Squatch Watchers" to guide them along their way.

"The woods and savanna surrounding the Discovery Center are exactly the kind of habitat a mythical creature such as Sasquatch might live in," said Lisa O'Brien, Nature Programs Coordinator. "Hunting for Squatch is a great way to get to know these grounds and have the unique opportunity of experiencing them at night."

To add to the eerie outdoor fun adventure, a labyrinthine "Prairie Maze" gives visitors an amazing opportunity to roam winding trails carved through fields ablaze in autumn glory. Native plants such as Big Blue Stem and Goldenrod are at the height of their seasonal splendor, and a stroll through the Discovery Center's prairie is a great way to get an up-close-and-personal view of these stars of the fall season.

But even if one never manages to glimpse a sight of Sasquatch, it's still possible to come up a winner through Bigfoot-themed games and activities. And when all the fun and games are over, settle down next to the Center's roaring campfire for some suitably scary storytelling.

The event is fun for the whole family. Advanced ticket sales are $8 per person and the price goes to $10 the night of the event. As always, children ages 3 and under are admitted free and special group rates are available for Scout and Youth Groups.

"This is just such a fun night to help people get into the spirit of the Halloween season," said O'Brien.

For more information, contact the Hickory Knolls Discovery Center at 630-513-4399.